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  1. Do teacher need to say with the students when they are attending online workshop?
    Yes. we believe that the teacher should be there to supervise.
  2. What will happen if I supervise more than 1 team?
    When the online workshop happen. the students will need to be at the same room so the teacher can supervise everybody
  3. What are the equipment that I’ll receive?
    The robot kit (details here) which will be return after the program
    The 5 carton and 5 foamboard (can keep)
    other equipment that we have agree on
  4. How much time commitment do I need to invest per week
    For teacher:
    For student:
  5. Do I need any experience to join C4S Online
    For student: No, you don’t. We will cover everything from the basics. As long as you’re interested in robotics and programming and not sure where to begin. Don’t be affraid to try this out.
    For teacher: You dont have to be experience in teaching robotics or programming. All we need is your student management skill